IT Management

For many businesses managed solutions are proving to be the best direction for cost effective and hassle free infrastructure.  Managed technology is the management of some or all of your hardware and software weather it be in house or out of house.  The aim: to reduce your need to worry about your IT infrastructure so you can focus on your core business.  We achieve this by co-ordinating IT services from multiple suppliers to bring together your infrastructure so it performs and stays performing at peak efficiency.

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is taking over the way companies look at their IT budgets.  By providing your hardware to you as a service we enable you to completely remove what was once a major element from your capital expenditure.  Not only are your access fees 100% tax deductible, but you don't have to worry about asset depreciation or the turnover of old hardware.  The bottom line: your money stays in the bank for longer.

We can offer the following services:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2000/2003 management
  • Voice Over IP
  • Hardware procurement and installation of just about any device
  • Remote management
  • Network design and implementation
  • Regular system health checks
  • Budgetry adherence
  • 24hr emergency support
  • Support and Train
  • We offer full service IT management packages that are designed to have your business up and running
  • smoothly in as little time as possible and to keep it there.  Weather you have problems with your system, or
  • just simply need a competent technical contact for when times get rough, we will be able to assist you.  Our
  • service can be as creative as you like - there is a solution for every budget.

Training is almost as important as the solution itself.  We offer training on all our work from a simple explanation of what work we have done to a full session on new software, features or hardware.