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Quintsoft IT Consulting - Who Are We?

A local Australian tech company that doesnt like saying "no". We offer both IT Management and software development services to SMB clients

IT Systems Management

We Specialise in providing consistently reliable and scalable IT solutions to small and medium business. We have a vast network of suppliers and wholesalers whom we can leverage to find the best possible solution to fit within our clients' budget.

With over 20 years commercial experience in the IT industry designing, building and maintaining systems we are the best choice to help you step up to that next level

Software Design and Development

We have a strong software background and are able to offer custom software solutions to clients that are developed right here in Australia. Building on a long background of happy customers, we have the experience and expertise to help you visualise your project and bring it to fruition.

Our software solutions have helped clients do more with their data and their businesses for over 20 years. Contact us to discuss your options and see how a software project might be the investment that your business needs.

IT Management and Support

For many businesses managed solutions are proving to be the best direction for cost effective and hassle free infrastructure. Managed technology is the management of some or all of your hardware and software weather it be in house or out of house. The aim: to reduce your need to worry about your IT infrastructure so you can focus on your core business. We achieve this by co-ordinating IT services from multiple suppliers to bring together your infrastructure so it performs and stays performing at peak efficiency.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is taking over the way companies look at their IT budgets. By providing your hardware to you as a service we enable you to completely remove what was once a major element from your capital expenditure. Not only are your access fees 100% tax deductible, but you don't have to worry about asset depreciation or the turnover of old hardware. The bottom line: your money stays in the bank for longer.

We offer full service IT management packages that are designed to have your business up and running smoothly in as little time as possible and to keep it there. Weather you have problems with your system, or just simply need a competent technical contact for when times get rough, we will be able to assist you. Our service can be as creative as you like - there is a solution for every budget. Training is almost as important as the solution itself. We offer training on all our work from a simple explanation of what work we have done to a full session on new software, features or hardware.

System Design

IT Systems designed to a budget, executed with precision

IT Support

Committed to solving problems and following through on promises


Strong security practices developed from over 20 years of experience


Commercial grade fibre internet solutions with 99.999% uptime

Voice and Telephony

The latest in voice technology for businesses of any size

Cloud Backup

Hassle free, economical, secure backup and disaster recovery

Software Development

If you have ever wanted a computer program that could do something differently, faster, more simplified, more customised than the pre-packaged, generic offerings then you have wanted custom software.

Custom software is any computer program specifically written for an application and can range from a small application that helps your company manage some data or workload to a national, multi-user, integrated system that forms the foundation of a company's total infrastructure.

Systems Integration

Say you have a requirement for a custom application. Imagine you require the application to pull data from an existing database and provide that data as a service to another application such as a website or POS system. Systems integration is where your custom application needs to integrate with your existing systems and do so in a way that produces the least amount of interfearence with your existing infrastructure.

If you have a specific requirement and have thought about custom software or have considered that there must be a different and better way to do 'that' job, then please contact us to arrange a consultation. We can help you develop and implement a solution that better suits your business.

quintSoft has over 20 years experience designing, implementing and managing corporate software and infrastructure. We specialise in helping our clients visualise and achieve their goals by clearly understanding their needs and working closely with them to develop all aspects of the solution from the usability and interface to the back end and physical infrastructure required.

We are a unique and specialised IT company that thrives on making the impossible possible. Our broad exposure and growing list of industry contacts means we can work with you to provide a complete solution for your project.

Custom Software

When a boxed product simply won't do, we write the software from scratch


Vast experience over an array of software technologies


Applications that can communicate between your existing systems


Resources and experience working with cutting edge technology

Intellectual Property

Clients own their software outright and have full access

Happy Clients

20+ years of building good relationships with quality work

A Custom Website Design Solution

We build full featured, customisable systems that cater specifically for you.  Whilst some solutions can clearly be standardised and allow the client to save time and money, others require personal attention and specialised design to ensure the job is done correctly.

Identifying a clients key requirements and planning a professional deployment is fundamental in efficiently creating a successful design. We familiarise ourselves with your business so we can build your custom website.

Content Management: Anywhere, Anytime

Maintain your content and update your website from any computer, anywhere in the world.  Your files and your site define your business so dont leave it behind when you are out of the office.

Many companies spend too much money paying professional developers to make fundamental changes to the text or imagery on their website.  Migrating your website to a Content Management System may be the best thing that you ever do for your web presence.  Create new content on demand and keep your visitors interested.

Imagine making those small changes to spelling mistakes and textual inconsistencies easily by yourself without having to employ the skills of a professional developer.  There is barely any training required.  Even small changes to your website done in-house could save you hundreds of dollars a month.

Dot Net Nuke DNN Fast Hosting

Looking for a Dot Net Nuke developer in australia? quintSoft has been specialising in custom Dot Net Nuke solutions since 2005.  Its what we build all of our sites on and we are experts at maximising its potential. If you are looking for a Dot Net Nuke host or a Dot Net Nuke developer, quintSoft can help.

Dot Net Nuke DNN Performance Tuning

If you have an existing DNN website and looking for someone to assist with performance or speed tuning, give us a call. We have solutions and custom process to help get the best speed out of your DNN website.

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